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Alexa Echo Plus

Alexa Echo Plus is a smart voice assistant which is mainly used to control your smart home devices. Echo plus adds in a radio for Zigbee, used with various gadgets including Smart things plugs and Philips Smart bulbs. It comes with an aux-out jack which is a new feature. It will authorize you to connect the external speaker with the use of 3.5 mm cable. Echo comes with three colors: black, white and silver. Echo plus sound quality is little better than the original Echo. Overall, Echo plus is a slight upgrade version over Echo which quietly sounds better. It’s hardware is mostly like the original echo instead of 2.5-inch gray finishing. It comes with 2.5 inch woofer and 0.8 bass which is pretty bigger.

Amazon Alexa skills which can make your Life Better

Capital One: This app can forge your life easy and give you ease to pay your monthly bills and transfer the money. You can link your credit or debit card with alexa app and it will grant you various updates like credit balance, list of your latest transactions.

NBS News: Latest News is the way to keep you updated about the innovations, development and politics. The NBC News app will assist you about the latest headlines, Alex’s results and local news with the help of alexa’s voice.

TrackR: Sometimes finding your smart phone is not an easy task. It can be lost under cushions and mattress. TrackR is easy to use, you can start with installing the TrackR app in your phone. Alexa will grant you the location of the phone and if you ask to ring my phone, your phone will give you louder ringtone even if it’s on vibration mode.

Skyscanner: If you want to go on vacations and trying to arrange a nice trip. This skill gives you all of your best locations. By using “Alexa, open skyscanner” command will give you the most legitimate places for vacation and you can book the flight according to your plan.

Domino’s Pizza: If you are getting hungry and wishes for a snack. You can give your order to alexa and alexa will establish your order through your domino’s account and request a delivery to your existing locations. It will also announce you the status update of your delivery order.

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Alexa Echo Show

Echo show is a seven-inch screen device with smart speaker. While previous echo will break you the access of asking questions and getting an answer with the help of voice commands, this device will give you more than just voice commands: Main selling point of this echo show is to make and take the video calls with your friends. Echo Show will give you almost everything you want to appreciate. you can ask for video calls, weather updates, pictures, play Music, control your security cameras, create Shopping list, latest news and many more. Echo show weighs 2.5 pounds and comes in white and black in colors.

Impressive things you can do with your echo show:

  • you can take pictures with the family and friends.”Alexa Click a photo” is the command to use your hands-free mode of alexa echo show. you can use different modes like sticker mode and multi-shot mode and it can be uploaded to your prime photos.
  • Security of your home and family comes first always. if you have smart home security, link your echo show with a security cameras and witness what’s going around. you can keep and eye on your baby and see who’s on the door.
  • Want to watch the trailer of latest movie? Echo show will play the video in HD quality mode. If you like Alexa movie trailer then you can book your tickets by just asking alexa.
  • If you want to impress your husband with your cooking skills, Just ask “Alexa, find me the recipes” she will give you your desired recipes. choose your recipe and if your hands are dirty, Alexa will read out all the ingredients and directions to make your dish delicious.
  • One of the vital skill of this device is ability to make video calls. you can make video calls with your friends. It can also work with alexa installed app in their smart phone.
  • Catch up on the latest news and see the top headlines of the today news. you can keep an update on stock market which will help in your business as well.
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